Five Tips to Digging Out of a Rut

Everyone falls into ruts; sometimes they feel like they’ll never end. Whether it’s a creative lapse or the inability to want to do anything at all I’ve got some tips to help dig yourself out. I should mention up front that these tips are not yet verified but hopefully, sometime very soon, my own creativity and ambition will pick up thanks to the methods I prescribe below.

1. Hit the Gym

There’s many reasons for this one.  The first of which, to me at least, is to just get off the couch and act on something.  Then there’s the blood flow and mental heath benefits, not to mention the physical benefits of making the gym a regular part of your routine.

2. Write Down Ideas

The key to this one is the idea.  Too often I get caught up in  the execution of an idea – sometimes it’s nice to just brainstorm ideas and not worry about having to execute them.  Just throw some ideas on a whiteboard.  It’s easy to get overburdened by the details in execution so just make a commitment to yourself that you’ll leave it with ideas for now.  Come back to them later and worry about execution.

3. Build Something

This may seem to contradict point number two but I’m not talking about tackling a full blown project; just build something quick and fun that will give you a sense of accomplishment.  This could be anything.  Go out and take some pictures, go to Home Depot and do a home project, build a ridiculous iPhone app, etc.  Just do something to give you a sense of accomplishment and build some momentum to take on one of those ideas.

4. Watch, Read, or Talk About Something that Inspires You

When I’m in a rut the feeling is mostly just a lack of inspiration.  So I like to do something that inspires me.  This morning I watched various podcasts and read blogs from some of my favorite inspirational sources.  The purpose was to get inspired to do one of the things above but since I was doing my taxes at the same time the inspiration of the podcasts and the bordem/confusion of the taxes balanced each other out.

5. Make a Delicious Meal

This is kind of the same as number three but I’m hungry and I think making a good meal can help out on a number of fronts.  A lot of times I get run down and lack any ambition simply because I’m hungry.  Obviously you can fix that by eating something but in this particular case do yourself a favor and eat something with quality ingredients that will keep you healthy as well.  Eating good food will make you feel better but making good food could help you out of a creative rut.  I think it’s gonna be seared scallops tonight and maybe a roast for the Crock-pot in the morning.

– – – – –

Basically the list is summed up as: Just go out and do something.  You could sit around all day and watch the Jersey Shore marathon or you could make a little time to get the creative juices flowing.  I’m going to pursue the latter and hope that something big comes out of.  Won’t you join me?


UPDATE: The scallops were amazing – I’m looking forward to a productive week!


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