Introducing PhonetiText

Introducing PhonetiText

My wife is currently in graduate school to become a speech and language pathologist. She was looking for a way to practice phonetics and was looking for an app that allowed her to text and email phonetically. To our surprise there was nothing available in the App Store to do such a thing. After some convincing she commissioned me […]

iPhone Retina Display Template

I was digging through the web trying to find a nice design template for the iPhone’s Retina display.  Found one.  These guys quite obviously put a lot of work into this so I thought they deserved a shout out. You can download the template here. Hat tip to the team at Teehan+Lax. M.

Home is where you make it.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve travelled away from home and experienced something entirely new.  It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t have the courage or dedication to actually book the ticket.  It’s an interesting but foreign destination; a place that thousands call home. If you’ve ever been on a business […]